Alternatives To Google Adsense

Alternatives to Google AdSense

You are reading this article because Google has suspended your AdSense account,

The problem with Google AdSense, they suspend accounts without providing any reason, they do not answer any emails, they take what ever money made till the date of account suspension.

And the biggest problem that they suspend account for reasons beyond the publisher control.

For example if someone else clicked in your ads several times, or a robot script or software loaded the page where ads are in several times, they will suspend your account.

As all other publisher say, that Google AdSense can never be a source of reliable income, so everyone is in a search for an alternative that can be reliable, in sense of counting views and impressions , percentage of share they give, and satiability of the account.

We do not want our accounts to get suspended without notice or reason, or for someone else mischief.

I have triad several advertising networks, for several months, and each one having some advantage and some disadvantage

The only network that having all kind of advantages that any publisher will be looking for was:

Here are some of the features for advertising network.

1) it provide 80% share for publishers, that is far more than
what Google AdSense give.

2) Publisher account gets approved in 24 hours.

3) The best thing with that you do not need to create separate ads unites for each domain you have. You can use the very same ads unite you create at any number of domains you own or even domains you do not own.

This feature I did not find it except in Google AdSense and in all other networks will require you to add each domain you want to display ads on, and also create a new ads unite for each domain and each page in that domain.

Which is a task sum for many publishers specially who wish to duplicated several websites.

With this all clicks and views will be accounted to your account, as long as they are carrying you publisher id and regardless on which domain website or pages they are in.

4) Now we come to a feature that is even better than Google AdSense, which is fraud detection, have in house fraud detection system which automatically deduct any invalid clicks or invalid views from your account. With this, you will not need to worry about your account getting suspended, even if you or someone else or a software/script kept viewing and clicking adverting. Your account will remain active and your earnings are for you.

5) They allow upto 3 ads unite per page

6) They will approve accounts using blogs or free hosting and free domains such as domains from

7) You can use as an ideal alternative to Google AdSense, also their ads can be used a long with Google AdSense ads in the same website without affecting your Google AdSense account or your account.

8) They pay with paypal and minimum payment is $10.

A conclusion to all this is is the best Google AdSense Altrernative.

As I can tell you based on my one year experience of search and trails, I even guarantee that you will not find better Alternative To Google AdSense than or a companion Advertising network to give you income along with Google AdSense.


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